Best Cooling Fan 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Electric cooling fans are a fabulous way to get fresh air into your room without waiting by the window for a breeze. The heat in the UK is usually sticky, unbearable and muggy, so a fan can give you a great opportunity to cool down.

Whether you want your living room to be cooled so you can settle down and eat your dinner/binge that boxset in comfort, or want to be able to sleep through the night without the heat waking you, there is a fan for you.

Some are incredibly quiet. Some will oscillate to fill entire rooms with air. You can usually pick from various speeds too, so you can tackle the issue no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Our selection spans all budgets and sizes, as well as various designs and extra features. But most importantly, they are all worth buying so you can keep your home cool next time a heatwave comes around. These are our top picks for the best electric cooling fans around.

The Best Cooling Fans – Our Top Picks

Best Electric Cooling Fans

Bionaire Stand Fan BT19-IUK

Thanks to three speed choices and an oscillation mode which can blow air in an arc formation, this Bionaire is good for cooling down office spaces, living rooms and bedrooms which otherwise don’t get much fresh air into all corners.

We love the intelligent breeze mode, which switches automatically between speeds to emulate a natural gust of wind coming through the window every so often. This will also regulate the temperature really well; rather than a powerful speed lowering the temperature drastically, the switch will keep a nice atmosphere then provide a needed boost every so often.

You get a remote control with the purchase, so it is easy to change settings wherever you are. You also get a sleep mode which can lower the noise given out of you’re using it overnight, as well as a timer mode to give you more control without lifting a finger.


  • Dimensions: 74 x 14 x 14cm
  • Power: 40W

We like

  • Remote controlled
  • Loads of extra functions
  • On the quieter side - just sounds like air blowing

We dislike

  • A little bit plasticky in style

Final Verdict

Does the job very well, and there are plenty of ways to adapt the fans power to how exactly you need it

Xpelair XPSS Skyscraper Tower Cooling Fan 66664

This is a fan which is perfect for allowing you to find your ideal climate. Three speed choices, a good power output and an oscillating function all make it nice and flexible.

An auto function can do the hard work for you if you like, assessing the atmosphere and then adjusting the speed depending on how much power is needed. The handy remote control will help if you do need to switch things up though, and you won’t even need to leave the sofa.

We love the digital display, which helps to easily see which settings are selected and the mode it is on. But the main thing is if it actually cools the room, and we can confirm it does the job.


  • Dimensions: 96.8 x 28 x 28cm
  • Power: 45 Watt

We like

  • Automatic selection
  • Remote control
  • Timer option
  • Quiet

We dislike

  • Touch controls can be a little slow to respond

Final Verdict

A great fan for when you need something which can really boot the cold air out, but also something adjustable and free to move around

Xpelair XPP Tower Cooling Fan 66671

If you need something for a small space, this slimline model from Xpelair is ideal. Not only is it compact, but it knocks out a lot of power too.

Three different speed settings and a 40W power output make sure it is always ready for the job. It will oscillate if needed, so while it is perfect for smaller spaces, it can cover a wide area. Xpelair themselves call it the Pencil Style Cooling Fan, which we think is pretty relative to just hot slim and tall it is.

The timer will be perfect if you like to sleep with the fan on. You can leave it running for anything up to 8 hours, so either while you are asleep or just for a few hours until you nod off comfortably. It comes with a remote control, so making any adjustments from the comfort of your bed or sofa is easier than ever.


  • Dimensions: 121.5 x 31 x 31cm
  • Power: 40 Watt

We like

  • Nice and quiet - good for bedrooms
  • Covers a large area for the size of the fan
  • Slim - good for small corners or rooms

We dislike

  • Lights on controls can't be switched off at night

Final Verdict

As it is so tall, it can cope with larger area yet won't take up too much room. Great for those who want the practicality yet don't want to look of your room to be ruined

Dyson Cool™ Desk Fan AM06

If you love the idea of the Dyson Upright Fan but need something a little more concentrated and smaller for a desk or side table, then luckily, the company have come to your rescue.

This is their smaller version of the best-selling upright. And because it is smaller, the idea is that it is for more targeted tasks. Say you are sat at your desk in the day, and the upright in the office does nothing to help your body heat because you only get a slight breeze every so often – this model can sit next to you and give you fresh air in moments.

You still get all of the things which make the upright great, too. The ten speed settings, the intelligent Air Multiplier technology which creates a constant stream of cool air, and the oscillation and pivot ability. What you don’t get is the air going everywhere except to you.


  • Dimensions: 55.2 x 35.6 x 10cm
  • Power: 26W

We like

  • Good size for tables, desks etc
  • Silent - good for when sleeping
  • Easy to clean design

We dislike

  • Price

Final Verdict

Again, the price of a Dyson fan is much more than with a lot of other models. But you really will feel the difference, and the positives far outweigh those of rival models

Dyson Cool™ Stand Fan AM07

When Dyson brought out their range of fans, it pretty much changed the game. All of a sudden, we had bladeless, open non-grill designs which were unlike anything we had seen before. Yet the surprising thing was that they were miles better than anything we had seen before, too.

This model is their freestanding option, designed to cover large spaces. There’s ten speeds to choose from, and it has a huge power output of 56W. So when the next heatwave hits the UK, the fan can still cope with the horrid stickiness of the environment.

Air multiplier technology gives the user a constant, consistent stream of air, too. So whereas older traditional models could stutter a little bit as they coped with external elements, this fan will not give the choppy effect.

The extra icings on the cake are the oscillation ability, timer and remote control. If you need something safe for your home, easy to clean and looking modern and almost futuristic, there is no better choice out there.


  • Dimensions: 100.7 x 19 x 11cm
  • Power: 56 Watt

We like

  • Easy to clean design
  • A nice relatively compact size
  • Quiet

We dislike

  • Price

Final Verdict

The Dyson fans are costly, but the innovation, design and reliability which has gone into them is second to none

NSAuk Cordless Eco Column Fan TFRDC-50RC

A fan which looks pretty different to anything ever seen before really. And it also has a lot of features which ensure it is one of the best cooling fans around.

You can choose from a whopping 24 speeds, for a start. If your current fan gives you either a small breeze which is barely felt, but the next move up is like a wind tunnel, then this should be your next buy. When you’re cooped up in your office all day, it is the perfect way to bring a gentle breeze from outside in, without letting every flying insect in the world in at the same time.

There is a scent box feature, which we loved. If you do want to keep the windows shut and the room is full of people, musty unpleasant odours can soon start appearing. Popping a lovely aromatic oil in there can freshen everything up. You also get a remote, and there’s a cut-out in the back of the unit for keeping it safe when not in use.

Now for the next thing which pretty much sets it apart from the others. It is rechargeable, so does not need to be plugged in all the time, and is free to follow you around. It can seem that there is never a plug socket where you need it the most, so to avoid trailing extension cables everywhere, this fan is ideal. You can’t take risks when it comes to comfort, after all.


  • Dimensions: 105.5 x 26 x 26cm
  • Power: 30 Watt

We like

  • Remote control
  • Scent box addition
  • 24 speed settings - unbeatable

We dislike

  • Nothing!

Final Verdict

To say you get all of this, the price is fab. There's loads of little extra features which really puts the user in mind, and we couldn't find anything we even ever so slightly disliked about it

Swan Retro 16 Inch Stand Fan SFA12610RN

There is nothing quite like a fan which has the traditional design to really add a pop of feature in a room when the heatwave hits, and this Swan is brilliant for that. In fact, we would say it is the best traditional retro stand fan about.

With a 50W power output, it is even more powerful that some of the ultra-modern tower style models. You get three speed settings to cope with whichever conditions are present, and it runs quietly on each. This would make it an ideal addition to a bedroom where style is still as important as keeping cool.

It will oscillate, but because of the style there is no remote or fancy control panel. You get a simple button to turn it off and on, and a dial to ramp up the speed. Basic, but the looks and power combination makes it worth paying that bit more than you’d spend on a cheap option if you want something which will last. A fan should not just be for a heatwave, but for many Summers to come, after all.


  • Dimensions: 132 x 44.5 x 16cm
  • Power: 50 Watt

We like

  • Relatively lightweight - good for carrying around
  • Colour choices available
  • Powerful for the style

We dislike

  • Some may not be willing to pay the price for this style

Final Verdict

This is more than your ordinary budget stand fan. You have style, very powerful output and a two year guarantee to round it off, making it well worth consideration

NSAuk The Ultimate Column Fan TF-21RC

With a huge eight speeds to choose from, it is easier than ever to find the perfect breeze level in order to cool you down with the TF-21RC.

You get a handy remote control with it, so it is simple to switch between them all without even moving a muscle. If you want to change things up without the remote, all of the control panel is hidden under a handy little lid which will keep them clean but also save the unit from accidental switches or kids who are a bit too adventurous and want to see what will happen.

There is also a bit of air conditioner power built in to the unit. The ioniser cleans the surrounding air to help people breathe easier during humid conditions, which makes those stuffy summers a lot more bearable. It will oscillate a huge 360 degrees as well, not just 180 like others, getting right into every corner.

Sleep mode keeps things quiet while still maintaining the cool, and there is a timer in case you want to pop it on for an hour before bed or have it ready for when you come in from work.


  • Dimensions: 111 x 34 x 34cm
  • Power: 40 Watt

We like

  • Compact - doesn't take up much floor space
  • Very powerful max setting
  • Virtually silent on lower settings

We dislike

  • Minor con but the control panel isn't the prettiest

Final Verdict

When the only negative thing you can say is that the control panel is a little dated looking, you know you have a good fan on your hands. Plenty of power and perfectly adjustable to suit your personal needs

Bionaire Desk Fan BMT014D-IUK

When your room is stuffy overnight, it can be hard to cool it down. But having a fan on in the background can be annoying with the constant noise. Luckily, this Bionaire model has an extra-quiet mode for helping you to get some decent shut-eye.

There are three speeds to choose from depending on how much of a boost you need, and it oscillates to fill every corner of the room. A handy function which we loved was the ability to switch between alternating speeds, which simulates a natural breeze for a more ‘outdoor’ feel.

It only weighs 1.5kg so is nice and easy to carry around from room to room as needed, so you can take it from your desk to the living room when it is time to unwind. There is a handy timer so you can turn it off automatically once the room is cooled to save a bit of energy, too.


  • Dimensions: 28 x 15 x 15cm
  • Power: 35 Watt

We like

  • Small and compact
  • Natural breeze option
  • Silent mode

We dislike

  • Not the quietest when in normal mode

Electric Cooling Fan Buying Guide


Whether you are going to be sleeping when it is on or you simply want it ticking over in the background as you watch television, you don’t want your fan sounding as though you are in a wind tunnel. The majority of those which are in our lists are very quiet, but it is worth bearing in mind that grill-less, blade-less models are going to be a lot quieter as there is less for the air to pass through before it reaches you


A fan with a remote control is a great idea. This way, you can make easy adjustments from wherever you are. But the most important things to consider are the choice of speeds and whether it can oscillate – higher speeds and rotating heads will allow the fan to cover larger areas and create a much more cooling effect


  • Desk Fans – Small form, designed to sit on a desk and cover a smaller area than uprights. Generally more affordable, but as they’re for more targeted jobs, they offer a bit less power
  • Standing Fans – Designed to look like a traditional fan, but on a larger scale so they’re great for covering entire rooms. You can often adjust the height of the stand to suit
  • Tower Fans – Created with smaller rooms in mind. They take up less space and are slimlined, but can offer more air for the entire height of the model so can still cover a wide area
  • Bladeless – Dyson are pretty much the only name making these now. They are best for safety as there’s no dangerous moving parts, and they’re also great for cleaning so perfect if you have allergies and don’t want to be blowing out pollens or dust. They are also generally the quietest


You can pick up a cheap, small pedestal fan from a supermarket like Sainsbury’s or Tesco, or even order one through Amazon. But you will really feel the difference if you spend that bit more.

If you just want something for emergencies or in the day, a tower or blade model around the £50 mark should be sufficient. But if your home is always on the warmer side and you will need to use a fan even when the UK is not basking in a heatwave, then it could be worth spending a bit more on a model which is more reliable and can cover larger areas, with a bigger output.

Those at the higher end of the scale may also benefit from extra touches, such as quieter motors or even bladeless technology.


Are There Any Downsides To Fans?

The big one is that they technically only blow around the existing hot air. Because this is presented as a breeze, it gives a cooling effect, but the actual temperature of the room may not dip that much and the air won’t be cleaned. For this reason, an air conditioner may be the better option if this is something which you’re fussed about.

The air can also dry out any existing moisture in the environment. This could give you dry eyes and skin if used over a prolonged time.

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