Best Computer Speaker 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Depending on the task at hand, your built-in computer or laptop speakers may not be quite up to the job. So an additional pair of speakers added to your setup could be a great way to boost volume, clarity and bass.

They are a better option for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of headphones, because they are less restrictive and won’t make you uncomfortable after a period of use. But they have come a long way from the small, tinny speakers which will have sat alongside your huge cube-like computer monitor in the early 2000’s.

There is an option out there for any need, whether you want something small and portable or something which will increase your 3D gaming experience tenfold. Here are our picks of the best available.

The Best PC and Laptop Speakers – Our Top Picks

Logitech Z200 PC Speakers
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm Jack
  • Dimension: 24.1 x 9 x 12.4cm
  • Weight: 0.998kg
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Bose® Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System
  • Connectivity: Aux input, jack
  • Dimension: 21.9 x 8.9 x 11.9cm
  • Weight: 1.13kg
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LOGITECH G560 Lightsync 2.1 Bluetooth PC Speakers
  • Connectivity: 3.5 mm jack, USB
  • Dimension: 27.8 x 36.2 x 42.6cm
  • Weight: 9 kg
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Best Computer Speakers

Logitech Z200 PC Speakers

Computer speakers aren’t usually the most attractive appliances you can have in your home, so thankfully these Logitech Z200 speakers are perfect for anyone who does care about aesthetics.

Design isn’t the only thing that is great, though. They work pretty much out of the box and are very easy to set up, no matter the layout of your system. All it takes is one jack and a power cable. Sound is also pretty top-notch. Thanks to the two speakers, an authentic stereo sound is delivered.

Built-in tone control allows you to adjust the bass if you are watching a movie or playing a game which requires a bit more of a punch. The levels are great for something so small, and will likely be much better than the ones built-in to your computer or laptop.

There is a headphone socket on the right-hand speaker should you want to connect a set for something quieter. The cable between the two speakers is a decent length, so you get a bit of leeway where positioning is concerned, too.

They can’t really be led on their sides as the stand slightly protrudes lengthwise, so this is a slight design issue, but other than that they’re pretty much perfect and great if you want a balance of budget and looks.

We like

  • Look great
  • Price
  • Good layout flexibility

We dislike

  • Not the loudest available

Final Verdict

Okay, they aren’t as loud and bassy as more expensive models, but for something that is going to make a difference at a brilliant price, they are a steal

+ Specifications

  • Connectivity: 3.5mm Jack
  • Dimension: 24.1 x 9 x 12.4cm
  • Weight: 0.998kg

Bose® Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System

Bose is a leading name in the audio world, which you’ll know if you have a set of standard speakers in your home or have purchased headphones recently. We are big big fans.

So it is perhaps little surprise that their computer speakers also excel. It is a 2.1 system, yet recreated the power and sound of something much more complicated. You get full sound, which is both quality and natural at the same time. This is at any volume and with any media input, too. This is partly down to the TrueSpace technology, giving immersion and ensuring the sound is the best possible for the room you are in.

Powerful drivers will give you this quality even at the lower volumes of the scale, so you don’t have to keep turning it up to get the best experience. Because of the powerful delivery, there is also no need for a separate bass driver so you can keep the setup to a minimum without losing any quality.

Everything is controlled by the Smart Control Pod, so it is all in one place. Simply put, there is a rotational volume control and one-touch mute functionality, as well as dual inputs for connecting headphones or another audio source, say an iPod or a tablet.

We can’t get away with not mentioning the design either. It is clean, simple and smart all at the same time, and perfect if you want the best sound yet don’t want humongous speakers or millions of items littered over your desk.

Price-wise, they aren’t bad at all. You can get a pair of speakers for £20, but as you’d expect, they don’t match up at all. Plus, it is worth that bit extra for a name you know you can trust and it will be with you for years.

The Bose® Companion 20’s are ideal for gamers who aren’t bothered about a light show, and you’ll probably save a bit of money too. But they’re also perfect if you need them for work or spend your life at the computer listening to music and watching videos/films. All in all, a solid buy.

We like

  • Style
  • Good controllability
  • Great for any audio use

We dislike

  • Bass is perhaps a little overpowering on lower volumes

Final Verdict

Top sound, innovative control, and unobtrusive. They tick every box you could want to tick

+ Specifications

  • Connectivity: Aux input, jack
  • Dimension: 21.9 x 8.9 x 11.9cm
  • Weight: 1.13kg

LOGITECH G560 Lightsync 2.1 Bluetooth PC Speakers

You want a set of gaming speakers, but you want to spend a little less than average yet still have a quality group of electricals.

No matter whether you’re a FIFA, Sims 4 or action game player, these speakers will allow you to fully immerse yourself in everything which is going on. 120W of sound power will allow you to hear every detail, but in perfect quality too. Surround sound gives you the results from every angle.

There is Bluetooth connectivity, as well. So if you want to stream some music from your phone as opposed to loading up your laptop when you’re getting ready to go out, the speakers are ready to start the party.

Surround sound isn’t the only 3D experience on offer either. RGB lighting will sync up to your game, matching the action you see on the screen. This is where they really come into play if you’re playing an action game, as you can match it up to in-game explosions, nearby enemies and damage hits for a fully immersive experience. When you’re just playing music, they can also match the bass and beats with a light show.

They don’t turn off automatically when the computer is shut down, but we guess this makes them ready to take on the next challenge. The bass is also incredible, but for some, it may just be a little overwhelming, especially if there is a risk you could wake up the rest of the household. It isn’t adjustable either, and there is no way to disable the subwoofer.

The lighting can also be rather overpowering at times, especially during tense moments, and there is no way to change these aggressive defaults either. You can change the brightness with the button on top of the right speaker though, along with the volume. The lights can also be turned off, but we doubt you’ll take it to these extremities. If you want loud, bold, brassy and everything in between, then this is the way to go.

We like

  • Top level sound
  • Subwoofer makes a huge difference
  • Good music performance

We dislike

  • Can’t turn off subwoofer

Final Verdict

The ability to experience rich detail and cracking sound without a restrictive headset - just make sure you won’t be disturbing anyone when they are in use

+ Specifications

  • Connectivity: 3.5 mm jack, USB
  • Dimension: 27.8 x 36.2 x 42.6cm
  • Weight: 9 kg

Razer Nommo Pro Gaming PC Speakers

Gaming systems have to be taken seriously, and in terms of sound, ordinary speakers probably just don’t do the job.

You need the maximum level of bass. You need a volume which could risk the neighbours complaining. There can’t be any lagging in sound, or distortion. You probably also want it to be quite minimalistic, so your desk isn’t over-cluttered despite the millions of gadgets.

These speakers have won dozens of awards, which is a good sign already. Everything inside them is premium quality, from the 3-inch drivers coated with Dupont™ Kevlar® fibre drivers to the silk woven tweeters. Engineering is also at the top of its game, giving you a huge range so you can hear every detail.

There is Dolby Virtual Surround Sound technology so you can hear from all angles. Whether you’re playing an action game and need to listen out for the enemy, or using them to watch a movie and need that explosive scene to be exquisite, then these can handle it all.

Obviously, the price is a little extreme. To say that you can get a gaming PC for double, and your average high-quality PC speakers retail for around £300 today, these are certainly speakers for anyone not stuck for cash. They have a few flaws which we wouldn’t have expected for this price, too. The cables joining each component are short, and we’d have liked wireless where possible. The LED lighting is also at a minimum, just around the base of the speakers.

But it is all still straightforward, plain (in the nicest way possible), and there is no denying the sound is at the top possible level. Whether you want to pay the retail price is obviously up to you, but they could be a brilliant investment for the most serious gamers out there.

We like

  • Produces quality sound at quieter volumes
  • Good ability to modify audio
  • Futuristic style
  • Connectivity flexibility

We dislike

  • Price tag

Final Verdict

Costly, but there is a reason why they are some of the most expensive out there. It is great at being both beautifully subtle or wonderfully blaring depending on the use

+ Specifications

  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth 4.2, Optical, 3.5 mm jack
  • Dimension: 39 x 27 x 27cm
  • Weight: 12.5kg

Logitech Z120 Laptop PC Speakers

One of the cheapest on the list, but this does not mean that they are the worst out there. In fact, they’re brilliant for the price.

They’re obviously not the most punchy out there, and audiophiles will likely be underwhelmed. But if you’re looking for a basic, simple setup and a nice boost to the volume and detail of your music and YouTube videos, then they do a lovely job.

We love how they are powered by USB, so there is no need for an extra plug socket to become available or any limitation to placement. A standard jack input will allow you to use them with various other devices.

There are two speakers, so the surround capability is good. They’re also stylish enough to suit any setup whether you’re bothered about this or not. Integrated power and volume buttons allow you to have full control over what you hear, too.

We also thought the cable management system was a fab idea. You can adjust the length from the back of the speakers, and while the maximum level is not the longest, it is ideal for those more compact setups where the wires usually get in the way.

They are primarily sold as laptop speakers, hence the USB power capability. Size and weight make them ideal if you need to take them with you on-the-go, but they’re also great enough for a permanent setup in terms of sound quality and control.

We like

  • Surprisingly good sound
  • Size
  • USB power

We dislike

  • Nothing bad at this price

Final Verdict

Flexible enough for any layout, but also exceed the price you pay. A fab little solution to your audio issues

+ Specifications

  • Connectivity: 3.5mm jack
  • Dimension: 85 x 85 x 11cm
  • Weight: 0.25kg

Bose® Companion 2 Multimedia Speaker System

A doddle to connect up and get going, this is a great solution if you need extra volume but want to spend under £100.

You will get all of the technology which you can see in much more expensive models. TrueSpace®  circuitry gives you wide, stereo sound from just two speakers, which really adds life into your games and videos.

You get two input choices, so it is easy to connect it all up to your computer and then add another device as well. Say you want to plug in your iPhone at the same time and play some music rather than turning the computer on. Great if you want something to keep you occupied while you get ready for work.

The volume is sufficient for a smaller room, such as a home office. There won’t be any blasting music as though you are at a festival, but it is a perfect level for full enjoyment without disturbing the rest of the house. Volume control is within easy reach on the right-hand speaker, alongside the headphone jack.

It isn’t quite as developed as Bose’s later models, and this is apparent to us as we have reviewed them. But if this is your first set or you’re just after an update, then it is a good choice, and it certainly trumps others in the price bracket. We also think they could benefit from a power light so you can tell if they have been left on – they don’t turn off with the computer.

As with a lot of other models, the leads aren’t anywhere near as long as they should be. Clarity also struggles a little at times. But other users have commented that they use theirs with their turntable after reading they were the best turntable speakers, so they could be a brilliant solution if you want a set of speakers which will do various jobs.

We like

  • Easy to install
  • Good price

We dislike

  • Lead between speakers is too short

Final Verdict

Sound is good for the price and bass is decent. A great solution if you want basic yet a little bit of extra punch

+ Specifications

  • Connectivity: Aux input, jack
  • Dimension: 19 x 8 x 15cm
  • Weight: 1.8kg

Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speaker

This sleek designed PC speaker set is an adaptable product that can be setup within seconds.

The easy-to-use speaker pair come with a sub woofer and you also have the option of adding the Bluetooth feature, you can get an accessory that simply connects to the speakers, and enables you to play from your favourite device. Despite coming with a pretty bulky sub, it is very nice on the eye and it even celebrates a gold trim on the speakers.

Simply labelling them as PC speakers does not do this item justice; it contains a powerful sound and works well for both music, general sound or for movies. The versatile set can be plugged in via a head jack meaning you can plug it into your phone, laptop or television.

You’re not paying for a brand name; you are paying for quality sound and a stunning design. The contemporary volume attachment is quite inconspicuous and acts as a quick way to turn your volume up and down whilst being able to also adjust your bass when you want via the separate toggle.

You can’t argue these multimedia speakers at this price, these are a fan-favourite and that is no wonder! They can be plugged in nice and easy, they are easy to use and they can be combined with your tablet, laptop or phone. The Bluetooth addition does cost a little more money but it can be worth it, so that you can effortlessly connect your phone.

We like

  • Very Adaptable
  • Option of Bluetooth
  • Powerful Speakers
  • Good Bass Quality
  • Sleek Design

We dislike

  • Bluetooth isn’t mandatory
  • Bluetooth accessory takes up another plug socket

Final Verdict

A great all-round product that is low priced. They are a versatile system that’s also powerful in its own right.

+ Specifications

  • Optional Bluetooth Add-on, Easy Setup
  • Jack input: 3.5mm inpu
  • USB ports: 0
  • Weighs: 4 kg

Logitech Z506 5.1 PC Speaker

A powerful 5-piece speaker with subwoofer, for an absolutely outstanding price.

With 5 separate speakers, including a subwoofer for bass, this surround-sound speaker system is perfect for those who want top quality sound alongside their movies and gaming.

It will connect easily to your PC, DVD or Blu-ray player so you’re good to go in no time. We love the black finish which will blend in with any other gadgets and appliances you have in the set. Connection cords aren’t the longest for flexibility, but they’re fine if you’ll be sticking to a compact layout.

For the money, you can expect a perfectly adequate, immersive experience that will really bring your home entertainment to life. Our only niggle is that even though the curved base design is modern, it can make it a bit unstable on the desk. Not enough to put us off, though.

We like

  • Easy to shift the speakers around
  • Great surround-sound effect
  • High build quality

We dislike

  • Cables can be restrictive

Final Verdict

These speakers are easy to connect and operate and can be conveniently connected with two devices simultaneously. If you like a really powerful bass, you can turn the bass up to max and really feel the sound. This is a great set to give yourself a decent home cinema experience on a modest budget.

+ Specifications

  • Type: Surround-sound
  • Accessories: Power cable, direct audio cables
  • Connectivity: Stereo input

+ Downloads

Logitech Z506 5.1 PC Speaker user manual



If you are a fan of soundbars when it comes to your television setup and want something to emulate it when it comes to your computer, then this PC soundbar is a great option.

It will be space saving compared to a set of speakers as it will comfortably fit under the monitor as opposed to either side.

Because it uses a USB connection to operate, there are minimal wires to bother about hiding and trailing to your extension lead. It is also perfect for use as a standard soundbar speaker as you’ll be able to hook up almost any device thanks to the 3.5mm jack input. If you like to listen to music in the mornings or perhaps give your bedroom TV a boost in volume every so often, it is adaptable.

We will say that the sound quality isn’t really that ideal for a long-term television connection though, and if you’re a gamer, you may want something a bit more punchy too. The sound overall is clear though, and it will make a notable impact if your internal speakers are particularly poor or distorted when you’re watching videos.

The lights on the front are a nice touch, although we would have liked to be able to have more control over them in terms of colour and style as opposed to it doing its own thing. You can turn this off though if it becomes bothersome.

We like

  • Clear sound
  • Good size and idea

We dislike

  • Bass is a little overpowering
  • Doesn’t go very loud

Final Verdict

Overall, a good bar for under £30. We wouldn’t say it rivals the speakers we have reviewed above, but good if you’re on a budget and are after this setup for your desk

+ Specifications

  • Connectivity: USB
  • Dimension: 41.9 x 6.1 x 6.1 cm
  • Weight: 0.64kg

Help and Resources

Computer Speaker Buying Guide


Your computer/laptop is obviously the most important part of your setup, so try to work around this. You may want to not only take into consideration the space you have left on your desk, but also how they will look. Are you okay with having very tall speakers which edge over the top of your monitor, or do you want them to be as small as possible?

There are speakers available of all sizes, and while the larger ones are understandably often more powerful and better at the job, there are some punchy small ones out there which may be just fine for your needs.


You need to think about two things here – how it connects to your computer/laptop, and how you connect it to the power.

Those which connect to the power via the USB socket on your computer are great if you want to keep wires to a minimum, are running low on plug sockets or want something which you can transport easily. They are primarily designed for laptop use, but there is nothing to stop you using them with a standard monitor setup.

Connecting to your computer to transfer the sound is usually done via a 3.5mm jack port, although there are a few higher-end options out there which give you optical or Bluetooth connections too. These can be great for gamers who may be running low on other port options due to a cluttered setup.


Not the most important aspect by a long stretch, but mainly important for anyone who wants to be able to take their speakers on-the-go with them, or perhaps pack them away after every use.

They often range from around 0.3kg for a little speaker to over 1kg per part with the big systems.


Why Do I Need Computer Speakers?

You may just use headphones, especially if you are a gamer. They are often seen by many as the best way to get immersive clear sound.

But they can be restrictive with the wiring, and even if they are wireless, they still aren’t the most comfortable. Speakers not only allow you to get on with your tasks free of restraint but can also add to the atmosphere with lighting and increased controllability in bass or treble.

They can also be used for other applications, such as playing music or watching catch up television. Think we can all agree that listening to music on your headphones when you’re getting ready for a night out is a little impractical.

Can I Use Computer Speakers With My TV?

There are more dedicated speakers out there for your television setup. They will often reach higher volumes and work cleanly with your TV and have better connection options such as HDMI.

There is nothing to stop you watching television through your computer, and it does a great job, however. If you also have a small television in a bedroom or the kitchen, they could be more appropriate than dedicated options due to size and connectivity.