Best Camping Stoves in the UK – Buyer’s Guide

Portable camping stoves make cooking much easier when you are out in the wilderness. Fortunately, there are many portable gas cookers for you to choose from in today’s market.

Our expert campers have gone out and reviewed the best portable gas cookers in the UK market.

Let’s get right to it!

The Best Camping Stoves – Our Top Picks

Best Camping Stoves

Campingaz Camp Bistro 2

The Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 is ideal for recreational campers. It’s easy to set up with its sturdy build and efficient design.

One feature we liked is the safety locking system. It allows for a low-fuss placing of the canister. You can find this system on the front of the stove next to the dial.

Another plus is the self-igniting mechanism, which is also known as Piezo ignition. You won’t have to deal with pesky matches or lighter. All you’ll have to do is turn the dial to get the level of flame you need.

This stove can run on Campingaz CP 250 gas canisters. For us, one canister lasted about an hour and a half. On top of that, each canister comes with a self-sealing valve, which allowed us to safely store it away when we weren’t using it.

The pan grills can hold pans up to 25 cm in diameter, while the entire stove weighs a little over one pound. It’s easy to transport and store in its travel case.


  • Type: Gas
  • Number of burners: 1
  • Dimensions: 33 x 28 x 9 cm

We like

  • Simple to set up and maintain
  • Durable build
  • The self-igniting mechanism reduces the need for matches or a lighter
  • Quick to heat food and boil water

We dislike

  • There’s only one burner.

Final Verdict

This is a perfect choice for recreational campers who enjoy a bit of light cooking in the fresh outdoors. Its no-hassle self-ignition also makes it a convenient addition to any camping trip.

Campingaz Kitchen 2 CV

The Campingaz Kitchen 2 is a great camping stove if you’re going for a sleek and stylish look. This stove is made of aluminium, which is durable enough to withstand the bumps and falls that come with camping.

The pan supports are compatible with dishwashers. As for the rest of the stove, it can be easily wiped off using a damp cloth.

You can light up the stove with manual ignition powered with Campingaz gas canisters CV 470 Plus. It doesn’t come with the stove, but it’s fairly easy to find.

The stove comes with two burners and its hose and regulator to make attaching the canister easy and safe. They’re secured to the back of the oven with robust fasteners.

Each of the two stainless steel pan grills can hold pans up to 24 cm in diameter. In addition, the whole stove weighs a little under 4 kg, which makes it lightweight and easy to transport.

Another great feature is that the stove folds up for easy portability. You’ll find secure locks on the lid and built-in carry grips for added convenience.

The sturdy cover acts as a windshield when opened. But it only protects from the wind on one side, so you have to be careful when you position the stove.


  • Type: Gas
  • Number of burners: 2
  • Dimensions: 49 x 45 x 33 cm

We like

  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Portable, foldable like a suitcase
  • Perfect for low-fuss meals

We dislike

  • The hose is a bit short

Final Verdict

Lightweight and user-friendly, this stove is a great choice for parties and outdoor gatherings. The aluminium boosts the stove’s durability and gives it a sleek look.

NJ-04 Camping Gas Cooker

Big, bright, and raring to go, the NJ-04 is a must-have for serious campers who love cooking for a hungry crowd. It features four burners and weighs a little under 5 kg.

The burners come in different sizes. The smallest can hold a pan with a diameter of 10 to 14 cm, and the largest burner can hold pans from 20 to 22 cm in diameter.

The best part is that it acts as a regular kitchen stove. You manually ignite the flame and adjust each burner to your preference. Then, you turn the knobs to adjust the flame level accordingly.

The top opens up to shield the burners from any wind blowing their way. When closed, it protects the stove surface and makes storage hassle-free.

The stove itself is covered with an enameled surface that’s easy to maintain. Plus, it provides a durable build that’s resistant to rust and corrosion. The pan grips can be removed for easy cleaning.

A great feature is its compatibility with propane, butane, and LPG gas cylinders. To make this possible, the NJ-04 stove comes with a gas regulator set. Connect the rubber hose and regulator to the cylinder, and you’re all set.


  • Type: Gas
  • Number of burners: 4
  • Dimensions: 51.5 x 51 x 9.5 cm

We like

  • Rust-resistant enamelled surface
  • Four burners
  • The top acts as a windshield
  • It comes with a gas regular set

We dislike

  • Some users complained of a limited flow of gas and flame levels

Final Verdict

This stove definitely says, ‘let’s party!’ Its four burners make cooking for large crowds easy and hassle-free. Plus, the durable finish ensures protection from rust and corrosion.

Trangia 25-2 UL Cookset

Versatile and easy to use, the Trangia 25-2 UL Cookset is an excellent investment for serious campers. It provides you with everything you need for a no-worry, all-fun camping trip.

Let’s start with the actual stove. It can be used with a gas burner that’s fuel-efficient and easy to operate. You can also use the spirit burner, which runs on alcohol-based fuels. Furthermore, the pan supporters provide stability and allow the food to cook evenly.

Another impressive feature is the design of the stove. It comes with ventilation holes that run all along on the bottom part. They help increase the oxygen supply to the burner, which boosts efficiency and reduces burn time.

If the wind gets too strong for the burner to handle, you can turn the stove away. This helps maintain the flame level.

Now let’s talk about the accessories. The Trangia 25-2 comes with a 22-cm frying pan and a kettle. You’ll also find two pots. One is 1.75 litres in capacity, while the other is 1.5 litres.

Everything is made of lightweight, sturdy aluminium for long-lasting use. Plus, the stove weighs a little over 1 kg. It’s easy to carry and store away.


  • Type: Gas
  • Number of burners: 1
  • Dimensions: 23.1 x 12.2 x 22.6 cm

We like

  • It comes with ample additional cooking tools
  • It can run on gas or spirit burner
  • It’s made with durable aluminium
  • Innovative windshield design

We dislike

  • Clean-ups can be a bit time consuming

Final Verdict

Featuring an innovative design and accompanying cookware, this stove is quite the investment. Serious campers will get a kick out of its convenience and functionality.

Pilot Imports Portable Gas Stove

The Pilot Imports portable gas camping stove that comes with its own set of butane gas canisters. You can have your pick from 2, 4, 6, or 8 accompanying canisters, which will save you a lot of time looking for separate ones.

Another great feature is how compact this stove is. Even though it only has one burner, it’s still able to provide high flame levels to cook your food and heat water evenly. On medium heat, one canister can last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.

To operate this user-friendly camping stove, simply slide the canister in place and press on the self-ignition button. Then, turn the knob to adjust the level of the flame.

The entire stove is made of durable stainless steel. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Plus, the design is lightweight, weighing at about 2 kg.


  • Type: Gas
  • Number of burners: 1
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 9 cm

We like

  • Lightweight
  • It comes with extra gas canisters
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Self-ignition

We dislike

  • It doesn’t provide a windshield

Final Verdict

This stove is all about convenience. You get several gas canisters, an impressive flame, and durable build. It’s perfect for individual campers and couples.

Awroutdoor 3500W

One of the features that stood out for us on the Awroutdoor 3500W is its ability to resist the wind. The flame quality on this stove is impressive. Plus, it saves energy, thanks to its efficient windshield design.

For extra versatility, the Awroutdoor gas stove comes with a gas adapter convertor. It allows it to run on any butane gas tank or canister.

When turning on the stove, attach the canister. Then, press the self-ignition switch located underneath the burner. The flame level can be adjusted using the knob found next to the gas valve.

Another great feature is the stainless steel legs that can carry up to 10 kg of extra weight. Add to that the serrated pan grills, and you have a sturdy support system for your pots and pans.

We were also impressed with the way this stove folds up. It can easily be packed into its travel box for easy portability.


  • Type: Gas
  • Number of burners: 1
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 10.41 x 9.4 cm

We like

  • Windproof
  • Compatible with any 7/16 tank or canister
  • It’s made with durable stainless steel and aluminium alloy
  • It comes with a travel case

We dislike

  • The folding feet can be prone to tilting

Final Verdict

Compact, portable, and versatile, this stove is an excellent choice for campers. Its single burner is fuel-efficient, which means you can use it for longer without worrying about the gas tank running out of fuel.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Camping Stove

Before you buy a cooking stove, there are certain factors you should keep in mind. You should try to determine beforehand how far you’ll be travelling. Then, there are weather conditions to think about.

These factors can help you pick a camping stove that best meets all your needs.


Almost all camping stoves are designed to hold up to all kinds of food spills, stains, and spatters. That’s why most of the units are easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.

You can also find stoves that come with fewer parts that need to be dealt with. For example, some don’t come with a drip pan separating the burners from the ground.

On the other hand, some stoves come with individual parts that can be removed for a thorough cleaning. These models are best suited for campers who love keeping their gear squeaky clean.

Ease of Use

When you’re camping, you need gear that can be easily set up and put to use. Some camping stoves come with a fuel compartment underneath the burners. All you need to do is lock it in place, and you’re ready to ignite the burner.

Other stoves have a fuel hose already attached in place. So, you don’t have to worry about any attachments falling off or getting lost.

Another convenient feature to look out for is visible fuel adapter threads. This makes threading the adapter into the port much easier and hassle-free.


This is an essential factor to watch out for, especially if you have limited space in your vehicle. However, you should also keep in mind that the burners should offer enough room for your skillets and pots.

All in all, it comes down to how big you need your stove to be and how many people you’ll be feeding.


All camping stoves fold up in one way or the other. Yet, how much storage space they take depends mainly on their size and shape.

For example, would you prefer a rectangular stove or one that’s round? Are you looking to buy a freestanding stove or one that features a tabletop design?

Our Top Pick

For the best camping stove, the Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 is our overall top choice. It’s suitable for recreational campers because it’s so compact and easy to transport.

Not only that, but it also features a durable design and a safety locking system. Plus, the self-ignition is user-friendly and easily adjustable.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, then you should go for the NJ-04 Camping Gas Cooker. It may be your best option if you frequently feed many people at once. It also has four burners, each a different size to accommodate different-sized pans.

With its manual ignition, turning the knobs easily adjusts the flame levels. Add to that the wide windshield, sturdy surface, and durable finish, and you have yourself a reliable piece of camping gear.

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