Five Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Bosch Tumble Dryer – How to Dry Better

Your Bosch tumble dryer is one of the best appliances you have added to your home to help with drying clothes when you can’t dry them outdoors on the line and have to find a lasting solution to dry them indoors. But how do you make the best use of your dryer all year round?

Whether you have a Bosch condenser tumble dryer or a heat pump tumble dryer, you can follow simple tips to ensure it serves you better for a long time so that the integrity of your clothes remains intact.

The good news is that following these tips won’t cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t have to do repairs or replace any parts.

If you are looking to dry your clothes better, here are five easy-to-follow tips to get the best out of your Bosch tumble dryer.

1. Avoid Overloading the Dryer

Avoid Overloading the Dryer

Stuffing excess clothes into the dryer reduces its effectiveness at drying because there is less surface area of each piece of clothing exposed for drying.

Although modern dryers have limits of up to 9kg per load, overstuffing reduces the room available for hot air circulation throughout the clothes. As such, only a few of the clothes dry thoroughly.

Overloading also means that your dryer will take more cycles to ensure all the clothes are dry.

Overstuffing strains not only the drum bearing but also other critical parts, and you might have to soon call in for service and repairs. At such times, you will have to find alternative means for drying clothes.

2. Do an Extra Spin for Drippy Clothes

Most of the time, you only load moderately wet clothes into your Bosch tumble dryer. However, some clothing items like towels and beddings are challenging to squeeze extensively to expel all the water, meaning they usually go into the dryer while still dripping.

To ensure heavy pieces of clothing that hold a lot of water are thoroughly dried in the tumble dryer, add an extra spin for them at maximum cycle speed to increase the time they contact the hot air.

It takes your dryer more time to dry drippy wet clothes, so be sure to add that extra spin cycle. 

The prolonged exposure expels more water from the clothes and that each piece comes out fully dry and ready for the cupboard.

3. Choose the Right Time or Care Program for Each Fabric Type

Choose the Right Time

It’s always important to ensure you choose the proper care or time program for each type of fabric that goes into your Bosch tumble dryer.

You will know that each piece of clothing dries with all the care it deserves depending on how delicate it is in the dryer.

You stand more chances of drying your clothes better if you choose the right program for different types of fabrics based on the guidelines below:

  • Easy-Care for delicate synthetic clothes
  • Cottons for cotton clothes
  • Sportswear for all polyester and nylon clothes
  • Down Wear for all clothes with natural animal feather
  • Mixed Load for a combined load of synthetic and natural clothes
  • Wool Finish for towels and woollen clothes
  • Iron Dry to ensure clothes retain some moisture for better ironing
  • Cupboard Dry to expel the highest amount of moisture from the clothes and leave them ready for storage in the cupboard or other suitable storage solution.

Note that these programs or settings may differ, depending on whether you have a condenser dryer or a heat pump tumble dryer

Choose the Right Time

4. Feed Different Types of Laundry Separately

Although your Bosch tumble dryer might have a high capacity, it’s always advisable to load different types of laundry separately to ensure there is even drying because different types have varying shapes, weights, and sizes.

If you have a considerable load consisting of trousers, beddings, woollen clothes, shirts, skirts, and towels, you can dry your clothes better when you load each type separately.

You can start with the lighter clothes like shirts, trousers, and skirts before putting in the drippy wet ones like woollen clothes and beddings. To make the best of your dryer at this point, consider separating the clothes further into cottons, synthetics, nylon, and wool, as in tip number three.

5. Do Periodic Maintenance on Your Bosch Tumble Dryer

Carrying out regular maintenance on your Bosch tumble dryer not only ensures it lasts you a long time but also means that the appliance remains fully functional.

The durability of any appliance or product is measured by how long it lasts and how functional it remains throughout its lifetime.

As such, you should always do routine maintenance and repair on your Bosch tumble dryer if it is to last long and remain fully functional throughout its lifetime.

Some maintenance practices are easy, and you can do them yourself. But you should have a Bosch-certified professional check your dryer at least once a year for parts that require replacement or repair.

The lint trap is one of the critical components of the Bosch condensing clothes dryer, and you should clean it regularly to remove accumulated debris and lint.

Since a condenser tumble dryer does not have an air extractor hose, you must empty the reservoir as soon as it fills up with water. You don’t want any water overflowing and potentially causing short-circuiting and damaging the dryer’s electrical components.

Periodic Maintenance on Your Bosch

Ensure you also clean the heat exchanger with warm water at least once a month, as Bosch recommends.

The heat exchanger is easily accessible from the maintenance flap found on the bottom left of the clothes dryer. Ensure you also clean the heat exchanger cap before reinserting the two parts once they are dry.

For safety reasons, like avoiding electric shock, unplug the dryer from the electrical power supply during the entire time of routine maintenance practices like cleaning. 

Bottom Line

Getting your Bosch tumble dry to serve you better in drying clothes calls for considering the five tips discussed in this article.

From using the right settings for different fabrics to regular cleaning and maintenance to doing extra spins for drippy clothes to loading sparingly and stuffing clothes according to their type, you will dry your clothes better for a long time if you follow these tips each time you use your dryer.

Remember to always put your safety first every time you operate the clothes dryer!

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