Is A Smart Kettle Worth Your Money?

If you have been on the search for a new kettle recently, you may have seen that ‘Smart Kettles’ are now becoming more readily available.

You will have heard of smart heating, lighting, security and even washing machines and fridges, but may be wondering how a kettle can take this technology on board?

Every model is different and offers particular benefits, but if you use your kettle several times per day, there are many ways in which a smart kettle could improve your everyday life and make things easier, no matter which you purchase.

The Benefits Of A Smart Kettle

  • You could be able to alter the temperature

Find yourself making a cup of coffee or tea and having to leave it to sit for ages until it cools down, so you don’t burn your tongue? With a smart kettle, you may be able to choose the temperature, so could start drinking your beverage almost immediately after it has brewed.

This is also perfect if you like green teas and other alternatives, which often require lower temperatures to not spoil the taste. No more running to the kettle to turn it off before it hits boiling point.

  • Keep the water hotter for longer

The base of a smart kettle often has the technology to keep your water warm. This is just like with a lot of bean-to-cup coffee machines. Simply leave it on standby.

This won’t only make sure your water is ready if you need to make another cup within the hour, but will save energy as it won’t need to reboil.

Hot Water From Kettle

  • They could work with smartphones or smart speakers

We have all been there; you are waiting for the next ad break of your favourite TV show so you can quickly run and make a cup of tea. You rush up and flick the kettle on. A watched pot never boils, and it seems the same applies to kettles. By the time it is ready, you have missed half the show.

So simply ask Alexa/Siri/Google Home to boil the kettle, or choose the settings from the dedicated app/IFTTT via WiFi. And it is ready for when you reach the kitchen.

  • You could schedule the warming

Either via your smartphone or dedicated controls, you may be able to set it to start slowly heating the water ready for when you will need it. This means it will take less time to boil. When you are on the bus, for example. A quick cuppa has never been quicker.

As it is connected to your WiFi, it may even be able to detect when you arrive home after work. And a little message could pop up on your phone screen asking if you want it to boil. So whilst you are getting your coat/hat/scarf off, a hot drink is just moments away.

  • Different modes

Have an ideal temperature, or sometimes need to rinse your fresh vegetables or boil water for the baby’s bottle?

The right settings for you could be saved, and readily available at the click/tap of a button. This means less faffing around when you want a fruit tea.

  • Safety features

The majority won’t boil if there is too little/much water in the reservoir. Even if you turn it on remotely, you don’t have to risk it becoming dangerous. They can also switch off if they get too hot, and many display the current temperature of the water, so you know just how hot it is without any nasty surprises.

Tempted? Or perhaps you want to stick to a trusted traditional model for now? We have reviewed all of the best kettles available, so your decision is much easier, including the best smart kettles. Read them all here.

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