The 8 Best Bathroom Storage Baskets – Super Clever Hacks

The bathroom is a crucial part of the home but rarely do we feel that the space in it is enough for a fully hygienic lifestyle. No matter how small or big a bathroom is, there is always the need for more space, and bathroom storage baskets always come in handy.

This post explores eight clever hacks you can try with bathroom storage baskets to create more space for the items you use daily, such as tissue paper, toothbrushes, skincare products, bathing towels, soaps, entertainment magazines, and more.

8 Best Bathroom Storage Baskets Hacks and Ideas You Should Try

While not every one of the following eight hacks and ideas with baskets in the bathroom will suit your needs, at least you’ll find one or a few that will best serve you regardless of the size of your bathroom.

If you have available floor space, you can choose the storage basket options suitable for floor placement. If you have less floor space left, consider using basket hacks that maximize vertical space, especially on the free walls.

1. Store Only Dry Items in Baskets

Store Only Dry Items in Baskets

The bathroom can be a particularly humid place, making it tricky and risky to store wet items in it. The no-wet items rule particularly applies when using woven baskets since they can easily absorb the water and remain damp throughout.

In extreme situations, the basket rots down gradually and tears apart, making you get back on the search for a bathroom storage basket all over again.

Wet baskets and items in them like towels are also a breeding ground for mould, mildew, fungi, and bacteria, all of which are detrimental to your health.

Some dry items you can store in bathroom baskets include toilet rolls, bathing towels, skincare products, and entertainment magazines.

2. Keep Your Storage Baskets Off the Floor

Keep Your Storage Baskets Off the Floor

Getting medium-sized baskets off the bathroom floor and placing them on cabinet shelves is an excellent way to create more space for other bigger storage items. It also ensures the baskets can remain dry all the time with zero risks of getting wet during accidental leakages.

You can then store different items in the baskets, such as face towels, beauty products, and medicine.

Add variety in the cabinet by differentiating the baskets by marking what type of bathroom items each holds. Alternatively, you can use either wire, plastic, or woven baskets for each category of items for differentiation and a dash of colour.


3. Build a "Wall of Baskets"

Build a Wall of Baskets

To use the idle wall space in the bathroom, create a “wall of baskets” by hanging medium-sized baskets from parallel rods screwed securely into the wall. Use some strong strings or ribbons to suspend the baskets a few inches from each other on each rod.

Again, you can use baskets with different colours of construction materials to differentiate what goes into what basket.


4. Use Wire Baskets for the Allergic Person

Use Wire Baskets for the Allergic Person

Suppose you or a loved one you share a bathroom with is susceptible to allergies caused by moisture, mildew, or mould. Well, you can use wire and plastic baskets instead of woven baskets, especially if your bathroom remains humid most of the time.

Since metal and plastic do not absorb water, the basket and all the items in it will remain dry all through, and no allergy-causing mildew or mould will build up. Such baskets will work even better if you hang them up an idle wall to serve as floating shelves.


5. Go Tall with Baskets

Go Tall with Baskets

You can still make good use of both floor and vertical space in the bathroom by using tall baskets rather than the usual short ones.

This option gives you more vertical space for storage within the basket with less floor space used since such baskets are usually narrower at the base and get wider and wider as towards the top.


6. Add a Slide-in Holder at the top of the Basket

Add a Slide-in Holder at the top of the Basket

While this makes it easier for you to move the basket around during cleaning and occasional bathroom rearrangement, it also provides room for holding small rollable toilet utilities like tissue paper.

Additionally, the space inside the basket remains available for holding items like towels and magazines.


7. Use Baskets as Hanging Shelves

Use Baskets as Hanging Shelves

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Using only a hammer and a few nails, you can mount several baskets on a wall with a few inches of free space between them. The free space allows you to access the items in each lower basket easily by providing enough headroom.

If you cannot drive holes into the walls, say, in a rented apartment, you can stick robust hooks to the wall and hang a basket from one or two hooks.

Some bathroom necessities to place in basket shelves include face towels, beauty products, and hygiene products like handwash if the shelf is near the bathroom sink.

8. A Bathroom Lazy Susan Comes in Handy

A Bathroom Lazy Susan Comes in Handy

Perhaps you use a Lazy Susan in another place like the fridge or under the sink in the kitchen? Well, you can also use one on a countertop in the bathroom. Or on top of a bathroom cabinet.

Unlike other models of Lazy Susans you may have, the bathroom one can have baskets fitted all around along the height of the revolving pole. You can even attach them at different heights along the pole to create a “spiral-ish” or ladder-like bathroom storage centre.

A bathroom Lazy Susan is best for holding beauty and skincare items to make different products easily accessible with each rotation of the Lazy Susan.


As is the usual case with other storage ideas and hacks for making the best use of limited space, the best approach is to pick one or just a few excellent options and implement them. If they aren’t the final solution yet, try out other options if the available space allows.

The bathroom storage baskets ideas and hacks discussed here are not ranked in any order of importance. Feel free to choose what will work best for you depending on what you want to store, the available space, personal preference, and required resources.

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