7 Things You Can Clean with a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are more than just glorified hosepipes – they’re incredibly powerful, as their names suggest – and, as such, they’re best used in situations and circumstances where considerable debris and dirt needs to be removed with a particular amount of strength.

Sometimes, scrubbing at a spot with a sponge simply won’t do enough! Here are seven everyday things you can safely clean with a pressure washer on a regular basis, and why it’s worthwhile doing so.

The Best Uses for a Pressure Washer

Your Fence

Garden and home fencing can get dirty from time to time, and taking the time and effort to scrub and clean every last panel is perhaps a little too much to ask.  Pressure washer systems allow you to directly hose down and clean off wide paneled fencing and perimeters of all shapes and sizes – and with regular cleaning, it’ll all look as good as the day you set it up.

Your Car

Washing the car is a job that many of us undertake on a Sunday afternoon when the weather’s good – but with a pressure washer, you can take away much of the effort and the elbow grease.  While it may be tempting to put your car through the local wash every now and again, filling up and hosing down your four-wheeled friend with a reliable pressure washer will allow you to keep your car clean and sparkling, and free from all that pesky bird mess that can accrue.

Pressure Washer Car Cleaning

Bikes and Smaller Vehicles

From quad bikes to dirt bikes and more, pressure washers are perfect for getting rid of heavy mud and debris build-up which could make getting your two-wheeler up and out a bit of a chore.  Pressure washers allow you to safely blast off all of the dirt that’s clogging up your ride with ease.

Your Driveway

If you’re likely to see plenty of traffic come and go up and down your home driveway, it’s likely you’re going to get tire marks, smearing and more besides.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to let a pressure washer and plenty of suds blast off the worst of it – saving you, again, plenty of elbow grease in the bargain.

Brick Walls

Yes – while exterior brick walls do look rugged and well-worn depending upon the look you’re accustomed to, they’re always worth a good clean.  Pressure washers can help you reach high-up areas near guttering and can help you blast away ground-in dirt in each and every brick.

Your Patio

If you’re hoping to entertain guests over the summer, a crisp and clean patio is always a must.  Dirt, again, can build up when you least expect it – and a good pressure washer will allow you to clear it all off in a few jets.

Your Lawnmower

Finally – believe it or not – you can unclog your trusty lawnmower of all its dirt and mud with a few safe blasts of a good pressure washer.  Take it easy, though – these systems are powerful working at their best!

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