6 Signs That You Need a Dehumidifier

A good dehumidifier could pay dividends in your home as it helps eliminate allergies, dampness and improve the overall ambience of your humble abode. Many households often utilise these appliances as a luxury but you could be overlooking the importance of having one in your home, not only can it improve health it also helps keep odours and mold out of your home.

We try to help you pinpoint whether you may need a dehumidifier and also highlight some of the benefits- although it is not a necessity in every home, you could be one of the people that could enjoy the uses of these amazing machines.

Signs That You Need a Dehumidifier

Mould in Your Home

Mould in home

Hopefully it isn’t as bad as this, but at the first sign of mould in your home, you need to act

The biggest and most prominent sign that you may require a dehumidifier is mold spots around your home. Often mold can build up on the ceiling or walls and is a sign that the level of humidity needs to be dealt with, you can now do this in one-go. It’s likely that this has occurred in the bathroom and it is sometimes difficult to manually air out the room, hence why it can be good to get a little bit of help from a quality appliance.

When mold starts harbouring it can be harmful to our health, not only does it affect breathing but you will also be more susceptible to colds and other illnesses. This is a sign that you need something top of the range and you may need to redecorate to eliminate the current mold spots that have built up over time. They usually build from small black spots into green spots that can be easily seen.

Musty Odour

A musty odour is usually synonymous with mold and sometimes it might be the first noticeable sign that you have mold on its way. If you can smell a musty odour and the smell of damp then you may need to check for bad sealing, poor construction and other house faults. Whilst waiting to rectify the issue, you could save yourself a lot of damage and potential health issues by looking for the appropriate dehumidifier.

There are a number of ways to oppose an unwanted odour, such as a diffuser, essential oils and charcoal. The greatest way to ensure that you will clear out any moisture though- is to use an air filter or dehumidifier.  

Water Damage/Dampness

Another alarm that you’re in need of a dehumidifier is water damage, if you are experiencing a damp room, wet smell or obvious water damage then not only should you attack the problem at the cause and see to stopping the on-going damage but you will also need to air out the room. The quickest and most efficient way of doing this could be to purchase an appliance that will directly tackle the humidity.

The best ways to find out if you have water damage, is to look out for water spots and stains on the walls and also sniff out any potential damp smells in your home. There could be a number of reasons for this including leaked pipes, a problem with ventilation and other leaks. You should repaint, hide the stains and also address the initial issue.



When allergy season is approaching, a dehumidifier can help to combat the pollutants

This seems to be a big reason for a dehumidifier, allergies are the increase and this is down to a number of reasons. Thankfully we can now address this with an air filter with an ioniser or a dehumidifier. If you are sneezing, have watery eyes and the roof of your mouth is itchy, then you may be suffering from allergies. This could range from hayfever, pet allergies or other problems, an easy fix is to utilise the aforementioned products to eliminate the humidity in your home and also get rid off pollen and other allergens in the air.

This is an element in which many products excel, over the years people have seen huge changes to their symptoms with the use of these types of contraptions.


One indicator that you may need a dehumidifier is condensation- if you see it on your doors and windows then this could be down to all of the moisture in the air. It goes without saying that condensation can create some of the above, mold, damp and illnesses. Once condensation embeds itself into a room, there’s a chance of a roof leak and other damage, it’s worth tackling this as soon as possible. Obviously, condensation and the risk of damage is dependent and you will need to see where it’s coming from.

Meaco DehumidifierRotting

If you have been inundated with mold then it is likely that you will also be victim to rotting wood and other rotting materials. If that’s the case then you probably have too much moisture in the air. Wood should not be soft and if it is it means there could be the start of a rotting process- to eliminate this you will want to identify where it is happening and why it is happening. Affected wood can be replaced and you can then alleviate any worry of this happening again by purchasing a useful appliance sure to eradicate humidity.

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