21 Surprising Uses For Your Hair Dryer

You probably use your hair dryer every few days after you’ve washed your hair, right?

What a waste of a purchase.

It can be used for so much more than just a beauty appliance, from cleaning objects to adjusting the size of others. So the next time you dry your hair, don’t put your hairdryer back in the drawer straight away.

Other Uses For Your Hair Dryer

  1. Clean indoor plants

They’re laborious and time-consuming to dust, and vacuuming them could mean damaged leaves, so blast them with a hair dryer to remove dirt and anything else that shouldn’t be there. You can also dust lampshades and those hard to reach corners

  1. Melt candle wax

If you have dried-on wax on your mantelpiece or other furniture, heat and then wipe off quickly with a damp cloth (or peel)

  1. Pull off adhesives

If you have a label stuck on a reusable jar or an old drawer, heat can remove the adhesiveness. The same applies to plasters

Other Uses For A Hairdryer

  1. Adjust glasses frames

Spectacles feeling a bit loose? Heat the frame and then pop them on, and try to mould them to your face shape

  1. Curl eyelashes

Heat your curlers up before you apply them to the eyelash so they will work better. Don’t let them get too hot though, or it could be uncomfortable for you!

  1. Spot dry clothes

We have all done it – just before you pop out, you end up spilling water down yourself, or the tap goes a bit haywire, soaking you. Rather than change your clothes, dry them quickly with a hair dryer. Perfect if you need to spot clean, too

  1. Remove hard water marks

If your glass dishes get water marks, wet with a cloth and then blow dry before putting away

  1. Warm sheets

With the cold nights, getting into a cold bed is unappealing, so give them a blast first

  1. Gloss cakes

After you have iced your newest creation, give it a warm with a low setting and re-spread to make it smoother and shinier

  1. Adjust new shoes

New shoes are always very tight. Pop a thick pair of socks on, put them on and then give them a blast to make them expand. Let them cool before removing, and they should fit next time you wear them

  1. Dry shoes

If you’ve just come inside from the rain or snow, the inside of your boots or trainers will be damp. Before putting them away, dry them out so they won’t mould or smell

  1. Remove wrinkles in clothes

Rather than bringing out your iron, dampen the crease slightly and then blow warm air onto it

  1. Dust your keyboard

Next time you are at your desk, look closely at your keyboard. It is probably filthy with dust and crumbs. Set your dryer on low and blow them away

Other Uses For Your Hairdryer

  1. Dry nail polish

There’s little more frustrating than painting your nails and then thinking they are dry, only to see they’ve smudged next time you look at them. A quick dry with your hair dryer should speed up the process

  1. Warm your socks/gloves

Your hands and feet get freezing cold in Winter, so warming them up before you put them on will make you much more comfortable

  1. Dry salt and pepper grinders

They need washing frequently but take forever to dry naturally. Using a hair dryer to speed up the process should make sure none sticks to the container, and make it easier to use

  1. Defrost food and your freezer

Whether it is frozen vegetables, pieces of meat stuck together, or the ice build up at the side, an extra boost of heat will help it to thaw or dislodge (just be careful not to get any water near the appliance itself)

  1. Shrink-wrap presents

Enjoy crafting your own gifts, or giving hampers? A hair dryer could help heat the shrink wrap, making it easier to mould and stay in shape once it cools

  1. Dry paint

Especially relevant if you’ve just painted a doorframe or skirting board. To make sure they are completely dry to touch before people start knocking against it, speed up the process

  1. Stretch skinny jeans

Gently warming them makes them easier to slide on as they are more likely to adapt to your shape. No more wriggling and jumping about

  1. Cool down

Hair dryers don’t just heat things. Most have a cooling boost function, so if you need to set your makeup, get rid of perspiration on holiday or just feel a bit fresher, the cool boost could act like a small fan

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